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Trades consists of three sections

  • Open orders
  • Executed orders
  • Holdings

Open orders

Open order usually consists of orders which are placed by the user/system while entering a position but has not been executed yet.

Executed orders

Executed orders consist of all the orders sent to the exchange including COMPLETED, CANCELLED and REJECTED. Order summary can be seen on hovering over that order and clicking on the DETAILS button a popup will appear displaying all the order details and reason as well for REJECTED orders.

Executed Orders


Holdings consist of all the assets that you hold across all your accounts (that was connected to Streak).


Search feature is available for the user to filter scrips of choice, all matching scrips will be highlighted and rest scrips will be dimmed for better visualization.



You can now filter the orders placed from Streak based on the deployment type- Auto, Notifications and Paper trading.



All orders placed from Streak will also be visible from the respective exchange.