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Getting Started

Streak is the world's first retail algo trading platform that requires zero coding skills.

It allows users to create and backtest trading algorithms for stocks and cryptocurrencies across various exchanges including NASDAQ, Coinbase, Binance, and NYSE. It features Markets, where you can access live charts of all instruments across exchanges and Technicals, a tool which gives real-time trend direction for short and long term.

The Streak interface is simple, intuitive and unbelievably easy. It lets you create algos under a minute. You can backtest these algos on historical market data and deploy them live for paper trading, auto trading or you can also choose to receive notifications for manual order placement.

Streak has already run 22+ Million backtests and has a trading turnover of $600+ Million, globally. It has one of the fastest backtesting engines in the world that generates performance metrics for multiple instruments in just a click.


To access Streak, visit on your browser and sign up for a new account or if you already have one just log in using your email and password.

Streak works in 3 simple steps :

1. Create

2. Backtest

3. Deploy

First time login

The first time you log in to Streak website, the web browser asks for your permission to allow browser notification. Please click on Allow to receive web push notifications on your system, when the algo condition is met.

Notification permission

Trial Period

Every new user gets a 7 day free trial, when the client can use the platform extensively by creating multiple algorithms, backtesting up to 50 trading algos everyday and deploying up to 5 live algos at any given time.

Free trial